MyLeadsAssistant Software

Captures More Leads!
31% More Effective

 Use MyLeadsAssistant Agent to engage your visitors 24/7 and:
 >   Increase sales and conversion rates
 >   Generate leads
 >   Capture lost traffic
 >   Reduce shopping cart abandonment
 >   Enhance user experience
 >   Get customer feedback
 >   Provide cost-effective support
 >   Decrease contact center expenses


Get warmer and more interested clients to take an extra step that will lead to sales - contacting you.  Helps you easily identify them out of the visitors to your site.

This simple website 'tweak' has an effectiveness rating that only some of the top internet marketers know about. 

Lead Generation

Engage your visitors with interaction.

More effective in getting them to ask you to follow up and contact them.  More leads results in more conversions.  

Customer Support

A 24/7 platform where we have provided all the tracking information you need. 

Our system organises the details and administration so we know the details captured, number of leads and can help you to change your campaigns.
MyLeadsAssistant is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that provides diverse automated chat solutions for a variety of online business challenges. Powered by the revolutionary Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) chat-engine. Our technology implements advanced AEI scientific theories that enable the VP to mirror authentic personal, commercial and professional human behavior patterns, providing your visitors with a virtually live chat experience 24/7!

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