SEO & Marketing

SEO & Marketing

Small and Medium Business Owners, now than ever before, you need effective strategic marketing ideas.

Undeniably, marketing is the lifeblood of your small and medium business.

Understanding a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy does not have to be voodoo - steeped in a kind of mythic lore or black magic that you hope will work. 

Let me help you to uncover the strategic and scalable marketing benefits of SEO that will enhance and complement your existing marketing and your web site. 

Get a solid start with Keyword Analysis tailored for your business.  

The internet is the best platform that helps you target WARM LEADS right when they are looking for your business or service.

Your small business can benefit from an online marketing strategy. It is not only for the big corporations.

You get in front of more warm leads who are interested in your product, get to your site where you present your business. It is all about providing your business with strategies that you can implement consistent throughout your marketing calendar and yet is strategically nimble in effectiveness. 

If you team up with the wrong SEO company, you will receive a lot of doublespeak and merry-go-round explanations of why you are not ranking; if you team up with the RIGHT search engine optimization partner, on the other hand, you will find that there is no need for this doublespeak or these explanations, because you will instead be receiving concrete results.

One of the big problems many businesses and SEO companies are running into these days is that the recent Google updates targeted toward getting rid of Gray Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques (SEO techniques, that is, that aim to manipulate search engines instead of playing by the rules) are taking a toll on the past work done by SEOs and businesses that took shortcuts to rank with search engines. Now, these websites are having heavy penalties issued to them by Google, all because they did not know how to rank with search engines without breaking rules.

So, the question then becomes: "How do I rank with search engines without breaking rules?"

The answer is simple: contact me and ask me to show you how you can strategically target more warm leads online!

These are leads who are searching for you week after week, month after month. You just need to make sure YOU get in front of them for branding, exposure and to capture their interest.

Let me show you my SimpleLeadsology System that boosts results for hard-working, time-starved, dedicated and determined small and medium business owners!

Get In Touch Now.

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