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Thousands! You've already invested thousands into learning  advanced and sophisticated coaching skills with the fancy programs touted by coach training companies. Hundreds of hours of work honing your coaching skills, structures, client-typing and approaches. IT'S UNFAIR to well-meaning coaches that THE BIGGEST BLIND-SPOT that impacts your ability to thrive and profit IS NOT PROVIDED TO YOU by all those training programs!  The entire industry is so focused on the training dollars only! They're not providing the coaching edge to all coaches, like YOU, who are passionate about truly making a difference in their client's results.

Sure, you have your certification BUT that's not enough to thrive and profit. They are withholding crucial elements to success from you. Some of them are unaware about this - so they can't teach this to you anyway! They just want you into the coach training cycle. Unfortunately thousands of coaches get spit out the other end of the cycle only to get stuck for years feeling frustrated and alone intuitively KNOWING there's is a missing link BUT unable to see it. There's so much training it's become the coaching industry's cookie-cutter catastrophe. And then what happens? You get stuck in more years seeking more technical information and knowledge for this elusive coaching edge. STOP! 

Because TODAY, you have a MASSIVE altering chance of a lifetime to get access and placed into YOUR COACHING EDGE. 

I have 18 years of experience honing my laser sights and closing in on precisely that coaching edge. I remember being granted a privileged introduction by the late Thomas Leonard, touted as 'the father of modern coaching', who shared mountains of materials, activity and access to his 'coaching think tanks' as he collaborated with thousands of coaches around the world to create training material, training modules, training organisations and shaped international industry associations  and organisations that are still here. As I went through my own career path, I kept close interest in how coaching was growing and evolving. Through my journey as legal practitioner to working in the payment gateway industry providing services to government councils and international airports in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and running a relaxation resort located in remote Borneo, whilst marketing, consulting, coaching, I kept pace with coaching as it weaved into the personal growth, business and corporate worlds. I've got coaching certifications in several niches. The coaching industry was stuck in the 'cookie cutter certification and training' rut. I had reams and volumes of material. I too knew there was something more than just met the eye. They had even created a coaching 'client typing encyclopedia and manual' which was sort of like how psychiatrists created their manuals to refer to patient conditions and it was THE key. Coaches knew 'that the impact of environment' is very powerful. 

That was where I discovered the hidden factor which was the coaching industry's quest for its holy grail - the coaching edge. 

This is the required element that will place anyone into that alluring profit pulling space. This can level the playing field and help a coaching business put their strongest foot forward and even compete with large training companies. It had to meet my decades old proven criteria : S.C.A.P.E.S. It had to be simple and yet carry the profound power of a heavyweight champion. I want to give to you what Archimedes observed, 'Give me a lever long enough and I will single-handedly move the world.'

The key the wanted is contained in a Strategic Coach Accelerated Performance Environment System aka SCAPES. I met a publishing partner who had also evolved over 10 years and created a space where SCAPES happens for you and your clients. 

This can double the value of your business and help you charge higher fees for your coaching. It can be set up for you for your clients and no technical tinkering or knowledge required. If you can use Word and Powerpoint this is easy. The power of a heavyweight champion in your grasp. I want you to move the world like never before.

Coaches are also very aware of 'system integrity'. It is the broad perspective that coaching strategically approaches their clients. Coaching isn't haphazard even though a lot is client-directed. It may seem that way, but coaches have advanced methods to look at many things deeper than just what meets the eye from coaching session to coaching session. SCAPES meets this high standard of system integrity or integration that coaching requires.  

Here was a space where coach training can work its coaching edge. And it will be yours too. Just by reading this and getting your access today. 

People were not consciously aware of SCAPES - that's partly why it works so well in the background - however I could see the experiences people had successfully when they had complied with this highest of standards. 

Just read below and be very excited. There are coaches who love this. Some people have more clients and more money. They can't help but to share this with others. 

And later on, you will get access to SCAPES and position your business to thrive in coaching's next massive growth phase. 
People are amazed by this and the impact in can have in so many areas of life and business! 

A CEO feels this is definitely worth THOUSANDS of dollars and what is revealed surpasses what she got from business school even after six years of attendance! 

Something amazing is just drawn out of you and it is like having a daily life coach with you every step of the way to where you want to be. 

Businesses enjoy higher levels and results in growth and profitability! Entrepreneurs with years of experience are sharing this with peers and clients too! 

A realtor says they've increased earnings three times! This was a map that helps the ambitious and overworked.

As simple as it seems, this becomes a life journey helping your life become powerfully different.

Even improvements and more success can happen for people who feel they are already an overachiever and pretty organised and doers - reaching a new level of mastery sounds very exciting! 

It has helped some so much they have their own mother using this and also recommending it to even complete strangers! 

It's no surprise that the technically inclined are suitably impressed. 
This has evolved over ten years to be what it is today and continues to improve and evolve! Flattered of course that a web developer would even be jealous yet impressed! 

This is not a quick fix, of course. We are reminded here that it takes diligence and consistency. 
You don't want to regret like a person here, where they started several years ago but regret not following through because they could have achieved much more! 

 A medical doctor is happy to have been able to transition from medical practice into the challenging world of being a serial entrepreneur.

 Life is tough being a caregiver for so many people but this can help someone in a very challenging situation. 
And a lot of this is possible because of the excellent efforts and sincere assistance by the support team who continue to receive praise for their exceptional work. This also sets this apart from so many others. 
 Maybe this really is the rarity as mentioned below. And maybe one would need to rethink their business plans if they can't make it with this behind them and supporting them. I think being reminded that this really isn't a quick fix and it does take diligence and commitment is important. 
And today is your opportunity to get involved just as these people have. This is your chance to experience this life and business altering journey, just as many have mentioned. 

As many have told you, this is AN INVESTMENT WORTH that leverage to move the world. An investment, that is worthy of you! 

Take your coaching and expert business to levels of mastery. Once you have access, you can easily Double Your Value and Command Higher Fees ALL BECAUSE you are in the space where you can strategically use the power of SCAPES and the Coaching Edge. 
 >> This is not for coaches or experts who think they know it all

>> This is not for lame excuse-makers too busy to invest what it takes to reach new levels of mastery

>> This is not going to require complex knowledge about coding

>> This is not going to require more coach-related training

>> This is not for you if you won't put in any effort

>> This is not a quick-fix 

>> This is not for people who want instant-gratification 

>> This is not for personalities who enjoy others' telling them only what they want to hear, not what they need to know

>> This is not for people who want to stay in a comfort zone 

>> This is not for people who want to critique the process instead of work the steps every day

>> This is not the typical information-overload approach 

>> This does not require an unnecessarily huge investment of time 

>> This is not about giving you endless hours of videos 

>> This is not only for tech-savvy people 

>> You don't require any special technical or web or internet skills 

>> This is not only for people trained by coaching institutions 

>>>>> HERE'S WHAT THIS IS ! <<<<<<

>>>>> The easiest way to Double the Value of your coaching Business

>>>>> Take your coaching program and charge higher fees 

>>>>> Become a more effective coach 

>>>>> Coach clients with more of a coaching edge 

>>>>> Get creative with your coaching programs

>>>>> Set up and manage group coaching online 

>>>>> Set up and manage one-to-one coaching 

>>>>> Increase the rate of clients that succeed and progress more 

>>>>> Discover how this Adds So Much Value from the very first 48 hours 

>>>>> Keep your coaching practice fun because you're getting more results for your clients 

>>>>> Deliver your coaching program with First Class finesse that even Fortune 500 companies are using

>>>>> Reach new levels of achievement for yourself

>>>>> Easily provide more coaching and separate the serious high value clients from others 

>>>>> Effortless and strategic follow up of all clients you sign up onto your coaching platform 

>>>>> Thousands of dollars worth of work done to help keep your clients and prospects focused on their coaching goals

>>>>> Discover how to scale and leverage more opportunities in one place

>>>>> Provide bespoke and tailored coaching programs that earn you top dollar effortlessly

>>>>> Have the technical support of an expert support team so you can concentrate on coaching

>>>>> Publish your programs strategically on a sophisticated platform that is used by Fortune 500 companies

>>>>> Develop and evolve into a coach and expert positioned to be in demand by small and large companies 

For A VERY Limited Time, I'm providing access to this for coaches and experts whose coaching businesses can really use this helping hand! You will first get the basic get set up and go phase of SCAPES and then, you'll also get access to the advanced SCAPES platform as the coaching practitioner. The practitioner setup has far more tools and options naturally and the information in the webinar will reveal some really huge business coaching distinctions and insights that will catapult you way past any other competitors. You'll have a master key to our new distinction and approach to the coaching business that 99% of others can't or won't see let alone put into practice. 

After this limited time I am going to be charging $$$$.00 for consulting this system for any coaches and experts that want to know about this. There are people charging over $10,000 in consulting for coaches and not even providing them anywhere near this sophisticated and advanced of a platform.

There are very few coaches and experts out there who know about S.C.A.P.E.S. The Strategic Coach-Accelerated Performance Environment System combined in this way that I will show you has huge life-changing possibilities. Not to mention the possibilities for your clients and your coaching business. 

Each element provides a powerful integrity and integration of the five elements in S.C.A.P.E.S. The platform is one element, however knowing how to integrate the coaching and business growth element is where the other elements apply. 

Set up your practitioner account that can be tailored for unlimited coaching programs and clients, and your payment details for an entire 60 days free. There is no obligation but I know once you have seen this and experienced the possibilities not to mention the results, you will want your clients to be coached by you even more. 

You will be provided with everything you require and none of that which you don't. No, you are not going to be submerged with volumes of manuals or hundreds of hours of videos and audios to watch and listen to. We have taken into account the fact that time needs to be used effectively. That's why this approach is practical and makes it easy to implement and it is a process and a journey that is designed with the advanced behavioural psychology's best strategic techniques in mind. 

You will evolve through the entire process. The priority is to get you focused on progress and action. And if you put in the right effort, you and your coaching business will be light years ahead of others. 

As you have heard, if there are any questions our very dedicated support team are there to assist with anything you need regarding the platform.  

You've heard how impressed people are with the support team. 

You've heard from people who can see just how advanced this platform is and how it can and does make a huge difference. 
 Now is your chance to get your own access to see for yourself just how YOU and YOUR COACHING will not only grow but EVOLVE! 

I know the coaching industry is poised for another great phase of growth BUT it will be more competitive and only the coaches who are positioned with SCAPES will have the advantage. It's no longer sufficient to just have the training. 

If you don't like it after trying this out - WHICH I KNOW IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY - there is absolutely no risk to you. 

I know this - If you don't take this invitation, I know you will come to regret it. Given a chance to grow your business this is a no-brainer. Just commit. Commit to your growth. Commit to a new way of doing things. Commit to serving your clients with even more excellent coaching. Commit to new circumstances that will have you living the joy of coaching. 

Time is of the essence! And now YOU ARE READING THIS HERE! Carpe diem was never a truer phrase to be uttered. 

SEE for yourself the impact it will have on your clients. 

Experience 60-Days at No Risk the Insider's elite coaching  account that will enable you to mastermind the most sophisticated coaching service and delivery platform all without requiring any technical knowledge. 

If I've done my utmost, you will now be submitting your application to get started. I want to be doing my best to help you grow your business. We need more coaches to be delivering their services and helping clients via a proper framework like S.C.A.P.E.S.  I want your feedback and testimonial so other passionate coaches can reach and impact more clients.

I don't know when I will pull the plug on this. My publishing partner may decide we have enough coaches to work with at any time. If you really don't like it just contact our world-class support team to close your elite account. But you get to keep so much more! You'll see. 

Click the Application Button Now and Get Started! 

Alex Kitingan
Click Here Now to Submit Your Application and Get Started with SCAPES
 Amaze Yourself With What You'll Achieve.
My promise to you - you won't regret it. 

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